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Drinking water in ruminants evades between 40 and 80 % the rumen and is therefor an ideal carrier for supplements that should be protected for ruminal degradation.      read more
Is supplementation of drinking water the solution for problems with milk fever and ketosis?
We developed for you Ketonblend. The feedsupplement for the transit-cow!
The period direct after calving is for your dairy cows and for yourself the critical period and often leads to problems. The feedintake after calving increases just slowly. With this slow increase of the feedintake your cows start lactation with a negative energy balance. The dairy cows produce more nutrition value in milk than they can metabolise from the feed.  
The grafic above shows us the cow's increase of waterconsumption after calving, together with the production of milk. That allows us to feed the milkcow important nutrients in this period, using the drinking water as a carrier.
Forementioned conclusion was for Feikema Feed Solutions the basis for the development of the product Ketonblend. To improve the management of the dairy cows in the transitperiod (far-off, close-up, calving, fresh period) we developed a product and a robust dosing system to help the milkcow to prevent milk fever and ketosis.
The addition via the drinkingwater was a logical step, based on the high and regular waterconsumption by milkcows in the transit period. 150 -250 grams of KetonBlend supplemented via the daily consumption of drinking water help to resist milk fever and ketosis (hypocalcemia and acetonemia) and produce a boost in the cows general health.
Ketonblend is a highly concentrated product, with glucoseprecursor, a specially dedicated cation-anion balance (dcad), vitamins and micro-elements.
Ketonblend  is supplemented with a simple and robust drinking system, the Ketonblend Drinkbox. See the following pictures and other pages in this web-site.
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Ketosis in dairy cows: Information about Ketosis for dairy farmers: Ketosis (acetonemia) is a metabolical disease in dairy cows. Ketosis causes losses by less capacity in milk production, decreased fertility and increased risk of displaced abomasum, acidosis, mastitis, claw problems etc.