Feikema Feed Solutions - Liquid feed supplements & dosing equipment for drinking water
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Feikema Feed Solutions (FFS) offers livestock farmers effective and efficient, tailormade solutions for the addition of liquid feed supplements and nutrients to the drinking water of their animals.
Feikema Feed Solutions (FFS) offers the livestock farmers a broad assortment of liquid feed supplements. For every type of animal (dairy cattle, meat cattle, swine, poultry), production goal and production fase, we offer dedicated formulas. Vitamins, minerals, micro-elements, amino acids, acids, energy carriers, medicins and nutraceuticals can be supplied into the drinking waterstream without any problem. Brandnames of supplements we trade are p.e. Aqtrition, Hydrovit, Ketonblend and Acidoblend.  
Supplementing animals via the waterconsumption is very effective.
Every animal is drinking, even when it becomes ill, it stops eating, but it still consumes water. High productive animals drink a lot of water, animals with less production drink less. In this manner every animal regulates the intake of nutrients proportional to the waterintake and proportional to their needs.
The addition of supplements is done and controlled automatically via dosing systems in the farm's drinking water network. Without human intervention the animals receive continuously important nutrients as much as they need and as much as the farmer wants.
Advantages of supplementing via the watersystem:
  • large scale companies can easily reduce labourcosts
  • low human intervention needed - lower cost - less uncertainty
  • 100% homogenisation, no shaking out of nutrients through gravity or transports of mixed feeds.
  • far better biological availability compared to dry feed additives.
  • reduction of losses of non absorbed nutrients in the manure.
  • less environmental pollution.
The animal shows these advantages with better health resistance and fertility and the consecutive higher and more stabile productionlevel. This improvements you can reach combined with a considerable reduction in the supply of expensive additives.
What do you need?
You will probably find something you are looking for in the broad range of drinking water supplements we have available. Do you have your own ideas or wishes, please tell us and we will develop together with you what you need. Please fill in the contactformulier  or:
Please feel free to call us at: +31 617864617, contactperson Jan Feikema